My rescue is ready for their forever home

If you have a rescue that needs rehoming, do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help promote their adoption campaign and help you find them the most amazing forever home.

Please make sure you have received the pre-vaccination for rabies before handling stray animals as well as the post-exposure vaccines in the case that a scratch or bite from the rescue breaks your skin. Click here for more info from the WHO.

*Before helping a dog please ask whether an animal is owned by anyone or not; ask a few people as not everyone may be familiar with the people living in the region. Many dogs are free roaming but belong to household and may wander around.

(Translations - Is this dog/kitten owned? / Apakah anjing/kucing ini dimiliki seorang?)

Who owns this dog/kitten? / Siapakah memilikih anjing/kucingnya?)

Step 1 - Taking the right picture. Photos can make all the difference in an adoption campaign. While not everyone may have an expensive camera, simple tricks such as outdoor lighting, a basic background and some patience can help you capture the right pictures.

*Taking pictures of your rescue in a green area or with a basic background makes sure nothing distracts from your stunning pup/kitten. Using treats right behind your phone/camera as well as having a second pair of hands can also be helpful.

Step 2 - Post pictures and a quick description of your rescue (eg. medical history, personality, cute details) on various facebook groups to engage potential adopters. A list of groups to use can be found below.

Step 3 - You are more than entitled to vet adopters by asking questions about any other pets they have or have had and the kind of conditions the animal will be living in. Making conditions such as no cages, no free-roaming and no chains are common standards and worthwhile to set.

Step 4 - If your pup is healthy and able to explore with you, take them along to cafes and the beach where you might bump into people interested in adopting or who know of someone else who may be able to give your rescue a forever home.